Saturday, June 30, 2007

Peace and Quiet

There hasn't been much to blog about lately, which can be a good thing. With all the madness going on in England and Scotland, I'm grateful to live here in Taos. It's nice and quiet and definitely not a target for terrorism.

The picture of the cactus is one I took a couple of weeks ago. We have literally hundreds of cactus plants in our yard. We only have an acre, but one day we started to count the cactus plants in our yard and by the time we got to 200 we'd only covered three quarters of the yard and were starting to lose count, so we stopped. Most of them are prickly pear cactus; there are a few barrel cactus and a few small pincushion cactus. Not all of them bloom, of course, and some years are better than others for flowers. We had a very wet spring, so we had a lot of blooms this year. Most are yellow, like this one, but some are magenta. Unfortunately, I didn't catch those in time; they faded away before I could get pictures.


Elle said...

That a beautiful photo of the cactus flower. You have over 200 in your yard? Wow! Scott's Valley probably has hundreds, right?

Beth said...

Surprisingly, the Ranch doesn't have any cactus, at least not that we've seen. We haven't fully explored the whole thing; 40 acres is a lot of land to explore. We'll have to go looking for cactus next time we go out there.