Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crackhead Kitty

For many years, we used canned milk instead of cream in our coffee (evaporated milk, not the sweetened condensed stuff). Then a few years ago, we switched to half-and-half; I’m not sure why we changed. Then several months ago, Ron decided he wanted to go back to canned milk; I think it’s a little lower in fat than half-and-half. I tried to switch, too, but I found that after using half-and-half, I couldn’t go back. I just didn’t like the taste of the canned milk anymore.

Satchmo joined our family during the time we both used half-and-half. He enjoyed the occasional spoonful or so of it, but he wasn’t demanding or anything. That all changed when Ron went back to canned milk. Satchmo had a little taste of it and he was an instant addict. It was like crack, or maybe meth; one of his nicknames became Crackhead Kitty. A cat can never have too many nicknames!

When anyone opens the fridge, if Satchmo is anywhere in the vicinity, he hops up on to the counter next to his food bowl and begins yowling incessantly. If Ron is getting out the canned milk or even if I’m getting out the half-and-half, the yowling becomes louder and more insistent. And of course, enablers that we are, we give him a tiny splash, a spoonful or so. When Ron is finished using the canned milk, he has to put it back in the fridge immediately, or disaster will strike. We use the type of can opener that leaves two triangle-shaped holes in the top of the can. Satchmo doesn’t knock the can over like the late, great Winston did (a less yowly crackhead kitty). No, Satchmo manages to pick up the can by the edges with his teeth and shake his head a few times, sending the milk flying. He licks up the damage, then takes a nap until he hears the fridge open again.

Satchmo Sleeping It Off

Sunday, January 22, 2012


This past Friday night was my last regularly scheduled weekend night at my hotel job. From now on, my schedule is Monday through Thursday nights, unless Frank, the other night auditor, or I need to make changes for special occasions. It feels so good to have weekends off like a normal person.

Ron and I are planning lots of weekend trips to make up for lost time (I figure that in the last 2 1/2 years, I've had about 4 weekends off TOTAL). Most of the trips will be fairly close (Colorado, Texas, elsewhere in New Mexico) and staying with family or friends. But there is a very special long weekend coming up; I'll be going to Virginia to see my mom and nearby siblings. I can't wait for that! Other longer trips are still in the planning stages and include Moab, Utah, one of our favorite places in the world.

Let's hear it for weekends!!