Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Current Events

I saw my first "Obama 2012" bumper sticker yesterday. I had plenty of time to look at it, too. It was on the car in front of me at the traffic light and the driver didn't pull up far enough to trigger the light at first, so I had to sit through another cycle of traffic lights. Grrr.

Here is something interesting from the November issue of Prevention Magazine.

"In times of trouble, according to a new study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, there's no substitute for the sound of your mom's voice, which can reduce stress hormones and boost production of the feel-good hormone oxytocin."

Definitely. I say it doesn't have to be times of trouble; it works in good times, too.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How To Watch The Republican Debates

We watch the Republican Debates for pure entertainment. The one on Wednesday night was pretty tame compared to the previous one when Romney put his hand on Perry's shoulder and Perry gave him a look of such anger and hatred, it was scary. Wednesday night's only highlight was a bigger-than-usual gaffe by Perry.

If I were still in my 20s and into drinking games, watching the Republican Debates could be even more fun. I've already thought of a few "rules."

1. Whenever Michele Bachmann says "Obama" take a drink. She spends so much time invoking his name and blaming him for everything, you'll be taking plenty of drinks. And after a few drinks, maybe her voice won't be quite so annoying. (My idea of hell is listening to a conversation between her and Sarah Palin, another person who has an extremely irritating voice.)

2. Whenever Herman Cain says "nine nine nine" take a drink. He does this so often, when he's about to say it, audience members start laughing and he starts laughing, too.

3. Whenever Rick Perry makes a gaffe, take a drink. It happens at least once in every debate. For extra credit, keep drinking as long as he sputters and stutters. That would have been a lot of drinking in this last debate.

4. I hesitate to include this one, because it happens so much you may just pass out before the debate is even over, but here it is. Whenever another candidate is speaking and the camera shows Mitt Romney looking over at that candidate with a condescending smile on his face, take a drink.

5. At the opposite end of that particular spectrum, whenever they actually ask Rick Santorum or Jon Huntsman a question, take a drink. Don't worry; it hardly ever happens.

What are some other good ones?