Monday, September 10, 2007

Late Summer, Early Fall

Almost all the hummingbirds are gone now. There are still a few hangers-on, but I'm trying to wean them off the feeders and send them on their way. I took down the big one and the little one, leaving only the medium one. I filled it Saturday and there's still quite a bit left. I won't fill it anymore. I'm afraid the birds won't leave if there's an endless supply of food here and it's really time for them to head south. In just another week or two, we'll get our first frost. Every year we have a few who stay longer than the others, but they always leave in time.

I love September and October. It's definitely my favorite time of year. Clear, crisp days that are warm but not hot and nights that are refreshingly chilly.

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Elle said...

Isn't it great to sometimes need a sweater or sweatshirt? Love the fall! My only sadness is that the zucchini have almost completely stopped producing. We've had them for dinner 2-3 times a week since May, so I'll miss that.Plenty of tomatoes...yummy.
Hope that you get to spend lots of time outside now that the weather is this beautiful!