Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So Much For That Idea

I don't have to worry about understanding physics. The gig is off. I won't be working for Beacon. It turns out their VPN (Virtual Private Network) software won't work with wireless internet connections -- only cable or DSL. They've tried it before and it didn't work and it still doesn't work. So I'll pack up all their equipment and send it back.

We're just a little too far from town (the telephone central office) to get DSL. Qwest has been promising for years that they'll install DSL (and the equipment necessary to get it) in this area "in the next few months" but it hasn't happened yet. There are plenty of homes in the area and plenty of people who really really want DSL. So what does Qwest do? They put DSL in tiny towns like Angel Fire and Penasco. It doesn't make sense.

Do I sound bitter? I am. I'm angry and frustrated.

So is Ron. He decided that next week he's going to file a complaint with the Public Regulatory Commission about Qwest's refusal to provide DSL service and how that's causing us loss of income. Of course he's filing the complaint as a Qwest customer, not a Qwest employee. Maybe if the PRC gets enough complaints, they can force Qwest do do something.


Barbara said...

Beth, I'm so so sorry to hear that. That really really sucks.


Beth said...

Yup, it sure does.

Feel free to recommend me to anyone and everyone. :-)

Elle said...

Beth, so sorry to hear that the gig is off. Hope that Qwest gets fined. That won't bring in income, but it would feel good.

Elle said...

Sending you HUGS and KISSES

Elle said...

Dear, sweet Beth,
Thanks so much for commenting on the latest post. I'm fine now. It was just one of those overwhelming, sudden episodes that were common 8 years ago, but unexpected these days. Hope you are finding joy in the beauty of your surroundings.