Thursday, November 6, 2008

Joy and Relief

He did it! Barack Obama is our President-Elect. Whew! Yesterday my face hurt from smiling so much. Of course the smiling started on Tuesday evening. It didn't look promising at first; McCain's electoral numbers were edging up and I was afraid another election had been stolen. Then Obama's numbers started to rise rapidly. I watched CNN mostly, and as soon as some states' polls closed, CNN immediately called those states for a particular candidate, based on exit polls and early voting results. This happened with New Mexico; at 8:05, they "projected" (their word) that Obama had won. I cheered and shared the news with Ron when he walked in the door about 5 minutes later.

A few minutes before 9:00 our time (11:00 on the east coast) they finally projected that Obama would win Virginia. Of course that was one of the states we had been watching closely. We both cheered and gave each other high fives. It was only moments later, when the news about Virginia was still sinking in, that the polls in California closed and CNN projected that Obama had won California, and therefore had more than the required 270 electoral votes, and therefore had won the election. It was a historic moment, and so many emotions were swirling around, I can't even name them all. Joy and relief are the top two.

Here is a picture of Obama that Ron took when we saw him at the rally in Espanola.

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Elle said...

Joy, relief and tears all were appropriate words for how I felt and acted late on Tuesday. The sense of power that I remember when Clintonwas elected wasn't there. The moment Obama came out on stage, holding his daughter's hand, greeting that huge crowd in Chicago what I felt most was thankfulness. Enough people were able to see that this was our hope for the future and then they actually went an voted, too. I also felt like we are a factor (not a cipher) this time, all of us, especially the folks who have felt up until now that they didn't matter...and I'm not specifically talking about race here, although that is included.
The last eight years have been a national error for most people, a time of worry and malaise that is now manifested in the financial crisis, job crisis, housing crisis, etc.
The jubilation the rest of the world showed when Obama was officially president-elect is quite telling, too.
Hugs to you both and high fives!