Thursday, February 11, 2010

Birthday Recap

I had a great birthday. Of course it helped that the Saints won the Super Bowl, but even better was that I got to talk on the phone with my mom and several siblings -- even Oldest Brother, a.k.a. No Handle.

After the Super Bowl revelry, I got to set up and play with my present from Ron -- an All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax. It's so cool! We've had a fax machine for years, but it was a cheapie model, prone to frequent paper jams, so we used it infrequently. (In case you're wondering, our fax number is the same as our phone number, so if you want to send a fax, call first.)

It's a Lexmark 6675, pictured below.

We like Lexmark printers; they don't seem to be the ink hogs that other ink jet printers are.

It's even wireless and connected into our home network, so visitors with laptop computers will be able to print things more easily than they could before.

Wishing warm weather for all of you who are snowbound.

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Elle said...

Happy Birthday again! Love the cake and that new all-in-one. It's amazing what they can do with the machines now & wireless is great!
Hope you and Ron are staying warm and having fun!
XOXO Blogging Sister