Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Back

It's the end of Daylight Saving Time.

For most people, the consolation prize for losing an hour of daylight is getting an extra hour of sleep. For those of us who work a vampire shift (11pm to 7 am) that doesn't apply. Our consolation prize is getting (!) an extra hour of work. Instead of working 8 hours I'll work 9. Of course I'll get paid for working 9 hours.

Somehow last spring when time "sprang forward" and I got to work 7 hours instead of 8, I was still paid for 8. I'm not complaining (although I am complaining about not getting that extra hour of sleep!).

In related news, the hotel where I work (which shall remain nameless) recently acquired 2 cats in hopes of keeping the mice under control. The cats are supposed to stay in the basement, but try telling the cats that. I haven't seen them, but one of the desk clerks saw one the other night near the kitchen. The cat ran in front of her, nearly tripping her and generally freaking her out; she's allergic to cats and is also a little afraid of them. Health laws prohibit the cats from being in the kitchen, restaurant, and bar, but again -- try telling the cats that. Besides, that's where the mice are. This could be interesting.


Barbara said...

Ooo, nice new theme!

We were just talking about going around and changing the numerous clocks in the house. Why can't they just leave it one way or the other?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Very pretty! I love the fall colors! I always wish they would just leave it daylight savings time. As a not-a-morning-person, I prefer my daylight skewed towards evening.

Kind of nice having cats at work, isn't it?

Love to you,