Monday, March 7, 2011

That Darn Cat

Or should I say Those Darn Cats?

Both of them!

First there's Satchmo.

He looks so sweet and innocent, doesn't he? No trouble at all. Just a calm kitty. Yeah, I thought so, too. Then on Saturday I was sitting at the dining room table drinking my first mug of coffee. Satchmo was lying on the table about a foot away from the coffee, calm as can be. All of a sudden, with no warning at all, he reached out a paw and knocked over the mug of coffee!!! It wasn't scalding hot, but it was three-quarters full and it went all over my lap and all over the tablecloth, and then on to the floor. We quickly cleared off the table (which was in desperate need of being cleared anyway) and put the tablecloth in the wash and wiped coffee off the floor. Then I poured a fresh mug of coffee and kept Satchmo away from it. I'm going to start discouraging him from lounging on the table like that.

Then there's Princess. Formerly known as "the good one."


Lately she's become obsessed with bread. And buns. And English muffins. And bagels. Any type of bread product.

She'll chew open little holes in the plastic bags the bread (etc.) is in, chew a few little pieces off the bread (sometimes more), and then lose interest. It could be a couple of days before we discover it, by which time the bread has gone stale.

While we search for the perfect breadbox, we're making do with the rectangular plastic storage boxes by Ziploc, Gladware, etc. The first time I put some bread in one of those boxes, Princess watched me. I snapped the lid on and told her, "OK, let's see you get into that!" Sure enough, a little while later, I saw her trying to get into the box. I wish I'd had my camera with me to capture her desperately working with her paws, trying to open the lid. She never did figure out how to do it, so the bread is safe.

Yes, they look like angels, don't they?

Warning: Looks can be deceiving.


Barbara said...

Your description of Princess trying to get into the plastic box reminded me of this video of a kitten who's determined to play with an older cat in a box:

Have you asked the vet about the bread behavior?

Beth said...

That was a funny video, but Princess is smarter. She was actually working at the edge of the lid, trying to lift it. Good thing she doesn't have thumbs.

I haven't asked the vet about it. I just figured it was one of those cat things.

JamieDedes said...

They are darling. Entitled to their own little personalities, huh?

Sachmo = fab name.

Enjoyed the post much. Thanks for visiting Musing by Moonlight!

My grandkitty blogs, by the way. Her name is Gypsy:

JamieDedes said...

Thanks for the dog story comment on Musing. I absolutely love it.

Yes! Wolf/shepherd combo is very smart. We had one. His name was Brutus. He was so wonderful.
Here's his photo:

Beth said...

We have three dogs. The smallest, nicknamed Little One (only 65 pounds), is named Brutus. He's a boxer mix.

lexidee said...

Your little black Satchmo looks just like my little black Satchmo! Found your blog while doing a google image search for 'Satchmo' as to find a good Louis Armstrong pic. I did a double take when I saw your blog.

Thank you for making my night!


PS, please feel free to check out my blog!

Beth said...

He's a yowler, sometimes sounds like Louis on the trumpet. One of the girls at the vet asked me if I named him Satchmo because of his color and I said, "His color and his voice."


Wow! Your Satchmo looks exactly like our cat, who was also named Satchmo! Amazing likeness. We miss him every day, since he passed away in 2011. Fun memories...


Our Satchmo was adopted along with his littermate, Mozart, who was black and white spotted. Theyy stayed together until Satchmo died 8 years later. What a great combo - the two of them along with How's, our other adopted cat, who was a Siamese mix. We called them our 3 Stooges. LOL

Beth said...

Daryl, our Satchmo died in October; we still miss him.