Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's A Conspiracy

The squirrels are in on it, too.

Squirrel Blamed For Small Fire At LANL


Barbara said...

It's always the squirrels.

A year or two after I moved here, there was a time when my phone would go out every three or four months. (And they would send someone to fix it the next day instead of giving you an appointment a week or more away, but that's another story.) One time, the repair guy came very late in the day and after working on the line outside for a while, he knocked at my door and told me that a flying squirrel had gotten into the box on the pole around the corner and chewed on the wires, and that was why the phone had gone out, but he had fixed it. He was a strange-looking guy, and it was after dark, and his story about the squirrel was so odd. I just thanked him and he left.

This area does have flying squirrels (or did then, at least), so it probably was true. But it became a running joke for a while among P, K, and me. Anything that went wrong was blamed on the flying squirrels.

Beth said...

But how did he know it was a flying squirrel and not a regular squirrel?

I remember I had a book about squirrels when I was a little kid and I was always fascinated by the flying squirrels, wishing I could see one in real life. Have you ever seen one?