Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pope Benedict and Jesus

When Pope Benedict was elected Pope nearly eight years ago and announced he would take the name Benedict, I was pleased. After all, the college I went to was founded by the Benedictine monks.

But in the days since he announced his resignation, every time I see the name "Benedict" I get a strong craving for Eggs Benedict!

It's definitely not a healthy item, but it sure tastes good, so having it every once in awhile is OK.

In a not-really-related matter, the other Night Auditor at the hotel where I work is named Jesus, although it's pronounced in the Spanish way of Hay-Zeus. I have his name in my cell phone because we sometimes talk about the schedule, and it's always a shock when my cell phone rings and I see that Jesus is calling!


Marian said...

Love it, Beth! I started the day with a chuckle when I read your blog.

Barbara said...

Mmmmm, Eggs Benedict! Much better than Pope Benedict!

Anonymous said...

At a former company we had an IT guy named "Hay-Zeus" as you put it. One day a manager sent out an email with a subject line, "Thank you Jesus!" that made me chuckle. This reminded me of that. The eggs made me smile too. It's been too long.


Beth said...

Jim, "Thank you Jesus!" made me laugh out loud. Now that I've changed jobs, I don't get any calls from Jesus. I even deleted him from my phone.