Friday, July 20, 2007

7 Random Things About Myself

Yikes, I've been tagged! I've been reading blogs for a couple of years, so i know about these memes. And now that I'm writing a blog, I've been tagged by Elle. It took awhile to thing of 7 Random Things about myself, and I don't have anyone to tag, but this has been fun.

1. I've recently become addicted to the HBO show Big Love. It's about polygamists. Some of them are good people, your typical next-door neighbor. Some of them are definitely bad and some are somewhere in between.

2. I love eating peanut butter straight from the jar with a spoon, but only if it's Jif Reduced Fat. I can't stand the regualr Jif anymore; it tastes like shortening.

3. When I was a kid, my best friend gave me two white mice to have as pets. I thought I could keep them a secret from my mom, but of course that didn't last long. She made me get rid of them, but that was O.K. They weren't especially affectionate and I hadn't bonded with them.

4. I collect recipes from magazines, cookbooks, and websites. I have more "new and untried" recipes than I could ever make in a lifetime (plus the old favorites I make repeatedly), but I keep collecting more.

5. I hate shopping. At the grocery store or Wal-Mart, I go in with a list, get what I need, and get out as fast as possible. I'm definitely not a recreational shopper, for clothes or anything else.

6. I takes me a long time to fall asleep at night. It always has. I just don't know how to turn my brain off.

7. I love milk. I drink it with everything, even spaghetti or pizza. I've worked my way down to 1% (even 2% tastes like cream now), but I can't do skim. It's just too watery.

This has been fun. Thanks again, Elle!


Elle said...

Beth, glad you did the meme. Surely you can tag at least one person?
How come I never heard about the white mice?
Also, we should collaborate on another family cookbook...maybe favorite recipes that were not part of our childhoods?

Beth said...

Elle, I think I was the only one left at home when I had the mice. Maybe Marian was living there, too, during her first year of law school.
I think another family cookbook is a great idea.