Monday, July 23, 2007

Hanging Up on Dial-Up

We got high-speed wireless internet access installed today! We have endured dial-up for more than seven years. For the past five years, Qwest has been promising we'll have DSL "in a few months" but it still hasn't happened and I doubt it ever will.

We started with a small, locally-owned ISP, La Plaza. After a couple of years, they were struggling and were bought by another ISP which shall remain nameless. Everything was fine with them until a couple of weeks ago, when we began to have problems logging on. Sometimes it would take 10 or 15 (or more) tries before we would be connected. I finally called and talked to one of their tech support people. His main advice was, "Get DSL. Dial-up is obsolete." Umm, yeah. I would love to get DSL, but it's not available where I live. He ended up giving us a new username and that helped tremendously, but I was tired of dial-up and tired of nameless ISP.

That left wireless or satellite. After doing some research, we settled on wireless through Kit Carson Telecom. I called Thursday, they came out Friday to make sure we had line of sight, and came first thing this morning to install the equipment.

The young guy who did the installation (as well as the line of sight check) was great -- friendly and a fast but careful worker.

It's so great to have high-speed internet access! The web pages load so fast and files download so fast.

There have been some freelance editing jobs I wanted but couldn't even apply for because one of the requirements was high-speed internet. Now that door is open instead of closed.

Plus we can do fun stuff like watch some of those video news stories on and

We hooked up a router to one computer and have a wireless adapter plugged into one of the USB ports on the other computer. Now we can both be online at the same time if we want.

Good-bye, dial-up!


Elle said...

Congrats! It makes a HUGE difference in a lot of ways. Now you'll be able to download all the photos for the Daring Baker challenge (coming in a few days!) because I plan of using a lot of them :)
Go for those editing jobs!!

Beth said...


Your page definitely loads a lot faster now! I can't wait to see your next Daring Baker challenge.

Elle said...

The Strawberry Mirror cake is will appreciate the high speed access due to lots and lots of photos.
Hope you are having lots of time at the ranch. :)