Monday, October 15, 2007

Great Visit and New Client

I had a brief but wonderful visit from my sister Marian last week. She arrived Wednesday evening in time for dinner and stayed until Friday afternoon, about lunchtime.

We had a nice relaxing time, mostly sitting around talking, drinking tea, enjoying the views, etc. We both "telecommute" and did some work Thursday for our respective jobs before going for a walk.

The weather was perfect and Marian was very tolerant of our sometimes overly-affectionate animals. All in all, it was a great visit, but too short.

In other news, I have a new client for my proofreading services -- the Horse Fly, the alternative newspaper in Taos. It's published once a month on the 15th, so we did the proofreading over the weekend, three hours each on Saturday and Sunday morning. There's another proofreader, Jane; on Saturday I proofed the first 16 pages and she proofed the other 16 pages. On Sunday we switched.

The Publisher and Editor is Bill Whaley, an interesting character. He always wears a fedora. He's much warmer in person than in print. In his newspaper, he takes a critical look at local politics and the local politicians, which is a good thing (although the politicians don't always agree). The paper is an interesting mix of that and the local cultural scene, especially art. There's plenty of that in Taos, but the Horse Fly puts more emphasis on it than the mainstream paper, The Taos News, a weekly paper.

It feels good to get out in the community -- meet more people and work with people face to face instead of just via email. I think it will inspire me to go to more community events and art galleries, too.


Barbara said...

Yay for new clients! And that looks like an interesting one with many benefits. How did you get hooked up with Horse Fly?

Beth said...

They ran an ad (in their paper, of course) for a copy editor. I emailed back and forth with Bill several times and we agreed that journalism copy editing is a little different from the copy editing I do. So I said he should let me know if he ever needs a proofreader, and he replied that he does need one and it went from there. This was all done by email; the first time I met him or even talked to him was on Saturday when I went in to the office.

Anonymous said...


Love, T.

Elle said...

Congrats on the new client! It really is great that it is a local concern...can't wait to hear about those art galleries.

Nice that you had good visit with Marian. I can well imagine the tow of you doing a bit of telecommunting work & then having more tea and conversation.

Beth said...

That's how it was -- telecommuting, tea (and banana bread from the family cookbook you did), and conversation. It was great!