Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Winter Preparations

We did final preparations for winter on Sunday (we made the first step last weekend when we disconnected the swamp cooler).

First we winterized the RV, which entailed draining all the water out of the various tanks (fresh water, gray water, and holding) and the pipes, and putting anti-freeze down the drains and into the pipes. Then we removed everything liquid and semi-liquid from the fridge and the cabinets -- bottled water, sodas, ketchup, etc. Last year was our first year as RV owners and we left a few things in there that we shouldn't have -- mainly a bottle of liquid hand soap. We didn't realize that in the extreme cold, the plastic bottle would freeze and burst, spewing liquid hand soap all over the bathroom. What a mess! So this year we took out everything.

We watered the spruce trees and then unhooked the hose and drained that, so it wouldn't have water in it, which would then freeze and burst (we learned that lesson several years ago).

Last but definitely not least, we fired up the furnace -- lit the pilot light and tested the thermostats to make sure everything works.

It's a good thing we did all that because when we got up the next morning, the temperature was 19. Yes, nineteen! It hasn't been that cold since, and I don't think the furnace has had to run any since that night, but it's a good thing we hooked it up when we did.


Barbara said...

Nineteen! Wow! It's hard to remember what that feels like. (I know it warms up considerably for you once the sun comes up, but still ...)

We were still in the 90s at the beginning of the week--in the 70s at night. Today was in the 60s, and that felt a little chilly (partly, that was the wind).

I guess I should take a leaf out of your book and clean out the heater this weekend and put the window air conditioner in the shed.

Beth said...

It hasn't been nearly that cold since then, mostly lows in the 30s. Then it's in the 70s during the day.

Elle said...

Oh boy! Ninteen is cold. We have already started with the winter rains, but the leaves are turning gorgeous colors, too, so I don't mind. Hugs.