Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Got It - Sort Of

I got the job at the vet, but it's only part time, two and a half to three days a week. All day on Tuesday and Thursday plus Wednesday morning and the occasional Saturday morning. The good part about this is that it will leave me the other days free for job interviews and/or freelance work. I start this Tuesday. The other job with the police department hasn't been posted yet, and they're off Monday for the holiday, so it won't be posted until Tuesday at the earliest. I'm still looking for other work in the meantime; part time just isn't enough income.

It's been about minus five every night for the past several nights, someimes a little colder, sometimes a little warmer (this morning was a balmy minus two). Those temps seem normal now and it would take something like minus ten or below to seem remarkable. The high temp today may actually get above freezing, something that hasn't happened in several days.

The wolfdogs, of course, love it. Wolfie and King prefer to be outside when it's like this. They spend their days sleeping on the ice in the backyard. Big and Brutus go outside once the temps get above 10 or so, and try to stay in the sunlight. Brutus is so funny; early in the morning he wants to go outside (he sits by the sliding glass door and taps on it), but as soon as he steps out and realizes how cold it is, he immediately turns around and taps on the glass to come in. His new nickname is Sugarplum. "O.K., come back in, Sugarplum," I tell him.

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Elle said...

e vet job! Even if it is part-time, it's a job and one that you will probably enjoy. Free-lance editing might fill in the rest if the police job doesn't pan out. have you explored what is offered on Craigs List for free-lance?
I love the visual of 'Sugarplum' tapping to get out, then right away tapping to get back in..sounds a lot like Merlin. I don't know how you get used to that kind of cold, but glad it is you and not me, sugarplum :)
Sounds like th kind of weather for the chicken dish I posted a day or two ago.
Hugs to you and Ron.