Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good Timing

Gas is gradually being turned back on. As of 10 pm last night, 41% of Taos had been turned back on.

Most restaurants are back open, so we were able to go to our favorite restaurant, El Taoseno, last night for my birthday dinner.

And the grocery store's bakery was back in business so Ron was able to get a birthday cake. They didn't have Red Velvet, my first choice (mostly because of the cream cheese frosting), and they didn't have Carrot Cake (see cream cheese frosting, plus you get vegetables and dessert!), so I had to "settle" for Triple Chocolate Indulgence Cake. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and chocolate decorations on top. Yes, it was a sacrifice.

We were so full from dinner we had to wait a couple of hours before having any cake.

I'm writing this at noon and it's pouring down snow. We're supposed to get about six inches. The schools finally opened today after being closed yesterday and most of last week because of the gas outage. I wonder if the snow will mean they'll be closed tomorrow. Those poor kids will be in school until 4th of July to make up all the snow days!

Tonight/tomorrow morning it's supposed to be minus 3 and Wednesday night/Thursday morning it's supposed to be minus 8. The highs will be hovering around the freezing point.

I keep telling myself that someday it will be Spring.

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JamieDedes said...

Happy Birthday ... belated! :-)

I celebrated too in February. 61! Phew!