Thursday, February 10, 2011

Outage Outrage

Natural gas is supposedly back on everywhere in Taos. Taos was the last area in the state to be "relit."

Now comes the aftermath. There's a good story on the Taos News website today about all the entities now looking into this. Here's the link. UPDATE: PRC, agencies to probe outage's cause

My question is why didn't this get any national news coverage? When natural gas is shut off to more than 30,000 homes and businesses in one state during record-breaking cold, why didn't anyone notice? Even CNN, who covers the most trivial situations and calls them news, didn't mention it. I guess people have to die for anyone to notice and thankfully, no one died because of this.

It was minus 10 this morning; good thing everyone has their heat back on.

Of course now all the busted pipes that were frozen will thaw and flood hundreds of gallons into those homes and businesses. Businesses have already filed claims and/or lawsuits against the New Mexico Gas Company for lost revenue -- hotels, restaurants, bars (had to be closed on Super Bowl Sunday as well as the regular days). Claims and/or lawsuits for property damage will follow.


Barbara said...

I've been wondering the whole time why it didn't make the national news. NOBODY I've mentioned it to had heard anything about it. I found one story on the Wall Street Journal website, which I think was more about the gas and electric industry side of things, and the rest of the stories seemed to be from news outlets in the Southwest and some in California. The Post Web site had a relatively short Associated Press story on Friday, when Gov. Martinez declared a state of emergency, but I'm not sure it made the print edition, and it didn't give a very full or clear picture of the situation.

Very strange. I don't know whether to attribute this to the cutbacks in the news industry. For mostly economic reasons, it seems, news organizations have been cutting staff in a big way, and it's starting to show in other ways, so maybe this is part of that.

Beth said...

Mom said that Brian Williams on the NBC news briefly mentioned it once. We figured that the chaos in Egypt is taking priority, but they have mentioned weather-related news in other parts of the U.S.