Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Work

On Friday morning we had 12 tons of "clean fill dirt" delivered so we could do some home maintenance.

We had to put some all around the base of the house in the back courtyard, and also the two back porches, creating a slope so the rain that flows off the roof and the porch overhangs would flow away from the house instead of toward it, which would damage the foundation.

So we spent a few hours on Saturday and a couple of hours on Sunday doing just that.

And we're almost done; we still need to finish up a little bit next weekend. And we'll still have plenty of dirt left over for future projects.

Today while we were working, the next door neighbors had two of their horses in their yard keep us company. One of the horses is the loudest, most talkative horse I've heard since the horses in the movie "Young Frankenstein."

Except the neighbor horse was MUCH louder.

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Elle said...

Nice to have equine company while your work :) Looks like you will be ready for the rains. We are still working on replacing one of the sunspace window's that was OK for 10 years but started leaking last year. The replacement sash was delivered today. We'll get it installed when it isn't so darn was 95 today in our neck of the woods. October is such a weird month weather wise.