Monday, October 15, 2012

Vote Early ... And Often

Well, not too often. Only once per election. But if you can, vote early. We're fortunate to live in a state where early voting is encouraged. I've been voting early for years. Ron always preferred to vote on election day, going to our neighborhood polling place, and seeing some of the neighbors. But this year he decided to vote early, hoping it would stop some of the political phone calls we've been getting almost nightly.

So we voted today at the county administrative building, where early voting is held for all county residents, no matter what precinct they live in. Business was steady, with three or four people in line all the time.

It feels really good to have voted. Go vote, quick before they make it more difficult.

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Barbara said...

Our state started early voting in 2010, and I tried it and liked it. It was especially useful that year because Mom's surgery was on Election Day, but I had already voted so I didn't have to worry about absentee ballots or trying to get home to vote.

I hadn't decided yet whether to do early voting for the coming election. I didn't for the primary, because the school (local polling place) is right up the road, and I have to pass it to go anywhere, so it didn't make sense to drive half an hour to the library where the early voting is held.

The latest study apparently shows that early voting in our state hasn't increased voter turnout, so I think they will not fund it in 2014, which is the next election cycle after the current one. Maybe it has contributed to turnout not falling. I wonder how they could determine that. I still think it's an excellent idea. So many people have work-and-commute schedules that give them a very narrow window in which to vote. In 2008, when the primary was in February, we had to keep the polls open an extra hour because there was a sleet storm that made the roads dangerous snd closed bridges, and some commuters wouldn't have been able get to the polls before the normal closing time.

Good luck with the political phone calls. If they're anything like the ones here, they're automatic and they have no idea whether you've voted yet or not. Worse, they're mostly robocalls. I sometimes call the campaign headquarters of those candidates and tell them I don't vote for candidates who use robocalls.