Friday, August 10, 2007

A Country Morning

I love living in the country! Where else can you see the sight I just saw a few minutes ago? A boy, perhaps 12 years old, was riding an ATV on the dirt road in front of our house. He was holding a leash. Attached to the other end of the leash and trotting behind the ATV was a sheep!

I've seen this boy in previous years walking his sheep, on a leash, on the road, but this is the first time I've seen him using an ATV to walk his sheep.

This is the kind of thing you don't see in the city or the suburbs.


Elle said...

That must have been an arresting sight! Hopefully you were out enjoying cooler morning weather today, too.

Beth said...

It was still in the low 50s and when I heard the dogs barking like crazy, I went into the screen room, which is on the front side of the house, and that's when I saw the boy and his sheep.

T said...

We had a bull wandering around town the other day. They rounded it up with police cars, and were escorting it out of town surrounded by police cars when it escaped again. They were finally able to get it again and escorted it home where, presumably, it was put under house arrest. No ATVs were involved, though.

I loved your sheep tale. :) I wonder why his sheep needs walking. I imagine him out walking his sheep on hot days, deciding to save up for a treadmill.
Love, T.

Beth said...

He does this every year, I think with different sheep. Maybe he just wants to give them a change of scenery. Maybe he's in 4H.

I loved your bull tale. I always knew your town was full of bull. :)

T said...

Different sheep. How funny. Now my (fertile) imagination comes up with stories (fictional, which the bull was not) of using the sheep (plural) as some kind of decoy, and why. Or as some kind of message - white sheep: all clear, black faced sheep: my parents are home, spotted sheep: I'll meet you on the corner at midnight. Parent: I wonder what's wrong with that boy; he's always out walking his sheep. If only I was a writer, then maybe I could do something with that.
Love, T.

Beth said...

T, That's a great idea! You have the imagination to be a writer. This particular sheep has a black face, black legs, and gray body. What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

The coast is clear. Show up at midnight with four cheeseburgers, extra-large fries, and some coke.

I'll bet you thought it meant something sneakier. What kind of mind would think that? That boy is just an innocent child. His nose runs a lot, though.

Love, T.

Barbara said...

Several years back, we had two young buffalo run loose in our area. This one family had a couple of buffalo (very weird to drive by and see them up on the hill--I always imagined a little kid in the back seat saying, "Daddy! I saw buffalo!"--and the dad, eyes on the road, thinks, "Yeah, right). They were pretty old, and the female died. The male wasn't doing too well, so the family bought two young buffalo to keep him company. But when they were being unloaded from the truck, they bolted, and they were running loose in our part of the county for over a week--or at least, the one that was recaptured was. Meanwhile, there were sightings, and warnings about driving on a particular stretch of road, pretty far from the original house. One of the buffalo never showed up again, and speculation was that it was probably in someone's freezer. I think the family got rid of the remaining old and young buffalo after that.

Beth said...

A few years ago, our neighbor down by the river had two buffalo in her yard. It was very weird to see them at first; the first time, I thought I was imagining it. They got loose and broke down the fence connecting her yard with her next door neighbors and ran all over his land. He was not happy about that at all and she told us that she had to have them put down because of that. I hope she got to keep the meat (or at least some of it and sell the rest).