Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hummingbirds, Part 3

The hummingbirds are so intent on guzzling at the feeders, they don't mind my presence as much, so I was able to get some pictures of the swarm. They're drinking as much as the can, in preparation for their trip south. They'll be leaving soon, heading to Mexico. I keep reminding myself of that every time I buy another bag (or two) of sugar and every time I refill one of the feeders. Even with three feeders up, the smallest one needs to be refilled twice a day.

The weather lately reflects the reality about living in the desert: temperature extremes. On the same day the high temperature is 93, the low temperature is 44! Yesterday, the previous record high was 87, but we hit 90. This has definitely been a long, hot summer and I'm ready for it to end.


T said...

Oh, you got them! How beautiful!
Love, T.

Elle said...

Great photos Beth! It will be sad to see them go, but at least the heat will be less. What kind of Fall color do you get? I'm already longing for Fall.

Beth said...

Lots of gold, from the aspens and the cottonwoods. I really miss the red maples like in Mom's neighborhood.